By: Louise Burland | 25 June 2019

As we shift to 24/7 service and our clients demand more from us – not only how much we deliver but also how long it takes and what time of day we deliver what they need. On demand, on the go services are no longer a ‘nice to have’, but are expected by clients.

The drive for information means law firms must be ready at a moment’s notice and they must adapt to this. It is easy to find information online allowing clients to find what they need no matter where they are or what time of day it is. If law firms do not meet these requirements when quoting or offering access to services, they will fail.

Perfect Portal are providing their clients with a solution to meet the challenge of law firms offering on demand services. They have recently launched a white label client app that can be branded for their clients.

Sacha Biddle, Perfect Portal’s National Client Relationship Manager explains, “this app means that Perfect Portal customers now have the option to get their very own custom branded app to reflect the look and feel of their business.”

The app allows legal clients to give their customers instant access to information like case updates, progress and details as well as giving them the capability to refer friends and rate the customer service of the law firm.

Sacha continues, “Since the launch of the branded client app, we have been inundated with firms jumping on board. We knew it would be popular, but the demand has exceeded what we anticipated.  Our customers, from small to mid-size firms, have seen the power of having their very own app, and their customers love it.”

Uber, on demand viewing of movies and television have been just some of the influencing factors to clients needing good customer service right away. With our increasingly time poor lifestyles, we want instant answers. In addition to instant answers, clients are looking for accuracy.

Adapting to new workflows is never easy, especially for an industry largely centered on traditional customs and practises. Legal quotes for services must be accurate as well as quick.

Lawyers need to use technologies available to them to keep up. There’s every reason to embrace digital and look for ways to streamline processes. Technology can put the legal industry on the forefront when it comes to times of downturn and helps practitioners connect with their clients to deliver more efficient and personalised services.

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