By: Garth Brown | 07 November 2019

Legal practitioners, Conveyancers, lawyers:
Do your clients really understand what you undertake on their behalf? Put yourself in the shoes of your Conveyancing clients, do they really understand or know what you do behind the scenes, what risks you cover in the Contract?

Whether it is potential issues related to Vendor disclosure risks, title defects, or quality of title defects, Vendors or Purchasers don’t realise what you do to mitigate these risks.

Conveyancing is a knowledge-based profession, established through many years of practical experience, professional development seminars and studies from recognized institutions.
This knowledge is the key for you to demonstrate value, which allows you to develop respect and attract a clientele who will appreciate your expertise and specialized knowledge.

How to Demonstrate Value?

Two ways to show value and stand out from other legal practitioners:

Both will require a nominal fee to be paid upfront for you to provide a detailed report on what you cover, and potential issues disclosed or not in the contract.

Suggested items to address for a ‘Purchaser Client Pre-Contract Review’:

  1. The settlement date: what happens if I do not settle on the Contract closure date?
  2. Explain the issues around the Easements and Covenants on title in detail, can they be removed?
  3. Previous property use for Meth labs/smoking Meth, should a Meth Report be ordered?
  4. Property stigmatization: any murders, rapes or demonic activity?
  5. Are all the structures Council approved?
  6. The amount and role of a deposit, who to pay the deposit to?
  7. Is a survey available?
  8. Is a building certificate available?
  9. Why change the locks/keys after settlement?
  10. Effect on house insurance before settlement to cover an equitable interest.
  11. Are there any squatters at the property?
  12. Any sleeping or proposed development applications that can affect the views and light from surrounding properties?
  13. Is the property State or local heritage listed?
  14. Is the property in a State heritage sensitive area?
  15. Any contaminated land or underground fuel tanks?
  16. Any large special levies? Have special levies been disclosed in the Contract?
  17. The importance and role of pest, building and strata reports.

For a ‘Vendor Client Telephone Interview’:
Have your questions ready for the telephone interview in order to understand your client’s needs and explain the value you bring to the table.

At client report conclusion it is important to compare the property sale price to the Stamp Duty (Purchaser client) or Agent fees (Vendor client) against the professional Conveyancing fees.

Following this process will create additional firm income stream and allow you to choose who you work for and spend your time with. Practitioner happiness is at stake.

By demonstrating value through a paid client education outlining your risk management procedures, you will earn your clients’ respect which will grow your confidence and invigorate you to face the competition.

Once you have established value and a trustful relationship with your clients, tender the transparent consulting fee by providing a Perfect Portal’s ‘Firm Branded Fee Agreement’ containing the pre-paid examination report, and initiate the Conveyancing Key Stage updates with the Perfect Portal’s Branded Client App.

About the Writer

Garth Brown is an award-winning Conveyancer and founder of Brown and Brown Conveyancers based in Sydney. He is an AIC certified premium property specialist with 20 years experience in the Conveyancing Industry in NSW offering quality professional Conveyancing and property law services to his clients. Awarded Conveyancer of the Year 2015 he was also Runner-up Best NSW Conveyancer of the Year 2010 and 2012.

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