Perfect Portal seamlessly integrates with LEAP so you can save even more time at the point of a prospective clients initial enquiry to settlement.

Marketing, business development and the ability to provide a transparent and an outstanding customer experience from quote to completion is more crucial than ever in today’s challenging market. Now it is even easier with Perfect Portal’s seamless integration with LEAP.

Benefits of Perfect Portal’s integration with LEAP:

  • Generate and calculate accurate quotes within seconds
  • Conflict check with LEAP when creating a new contact in Perfect Portal
  • Automatically create a matter within LEAP after instruction
  • Select one of your existing Recurring Matther Templates when sending a matter to LEAP
  • Provide instant case updates to all parties involved via email, SMS or a mobile app by using Perfect Portal Key Stages within LEAP
  • Ensure the accuracy of your data through the power of sharing data minimising the need for double-keying and ultimately saving you time

Watch how Perfect Portal & LEAP Integration works

"Perfect Portal gives us a system from quote to settlement. We can communicate with all parties on-the-go with the press of a button."

Justin Milligan, RM Legal and Conveyancing

"The integration between Perfect Portal, LEAP and Infotrack is absolutely key to our efficiency."

Peta Stewart, Winner AIC NSW Presidents Award 2018

"Since getting Perfect Portal, we doubled the number of quotes we are generating and tripled our conversion rate."

Vicki Vincent, KCH Lawyers

"Perfect Portal has changed the way we operate as a business. It has improved workflow and increased efficiency. We have more time!"

Sharyn Barr, Savvy Law


Find out more

Find out more


Q. How can I update all the parties involved in a transaction, without them having to call me constantly?
A. Using Perfect Portal’s Key Stages you can email or SMS all parties an update with a click of a button.

Q. How can I track the performance of my business?
A. Using Perfect Portal’s reporting suite, we put management information for your business at the tips of your fingers.

Q. How can I keep my clients updated automatically?
A. Using Perfect Update, Perfect Portal’s client app, clients can see the status of their conveyance, even when your office is closed.

Q. How can I stop double entry after my client has submitted a web enquiry?
A. Using Perfect Web Calc you can embed an enquiry form onto your website this will provide the client with an instant quote and pre-populate their information into LEAP when you create a matter.

Q. What information will be sent to LEAP?
A. All the client’s details, property price and any notes which have been added to the quotation within Perfect Portal will be added to the matter in LEAP.

Q. How easy is it to set up Perfect Portal?
A. Very easy, all you need to do is log into your LEAP account through Perfect Portal and away you go.

Q. Are you able to use LEAP’s Recurring Matters?
A. Yes, at the point of sending the Matter into LEAP through Perfect Portal, you will be able to select your Recurring Matter. This will then add all the information from Perfect Portal and create the matter in LEAP using the Recurring Matter.