Manage Performance

Data is the foundation of decision making within businesses, so having the information you need quickly is imperative.

Understand your conversion rates, the performance of your referral partners and overall business growth at a glance with our customisable smart dashboard. The snapshot will let you quickly identify potential untapped opportunity, recognise and reward your highest performers and take control of all aspects of your business.

Removing the need for complicated analysis and reports, our dashboard gives you access to the real-time data to make informed decisions to optimise performance, so there’s no more guesswork. The dashboard is fully customisable, each user can set their own tiles and slides, making the dashboard work for their individual needs.

Get key insights into the performance of your firm and referral network at a glance. Book your free demo to see how Perfect Portal can work for you.


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Smart Dashboard:

Drive business growth

With information from pipelines, lead sources, sales conversions and top performers clearly outlined in one place, you can gain an understanding of your firms’ performance in seconds. Clearly view where the new business is coming from in the heat map to help with target marketing.

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Reports & Analytics:

Present the facts

With business decisions based on evidence, you can rely on accurate reports from Perfect Portal that give you insight into your firms’ performance, fast. There are over 20 real-time reports available at a click of a button, which will help you drive the business forward.

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Referrer Relationships:

Understand your referral network

Easily see which of your referral partners are your best performers with a simple breakdown of their referral quantities and the quality of the business they send to you. Also, see where they are sending you the leads from for future growth.