“I have partnered with Perfect Portal for 12 months now, it is a fantastic resource for my business. The quoting system helps me create quick and professional quotes to send to prospective clients. Conversion rates are high and I do credit this to the streamlined quoting system. The branded app has also been fantastic – it sets me apart from my competitors and clients love it. It’s a quick, easy and visual way to keep clients updated on their matter. Perfect Portal have always been proactive and motivated in assisting me to build these resources to help my business. They have never hesitated in taking on board my requests and creating a bespoke experience. Partnering with Perfect Portal is hands down one of the best business decisions I have made.”

Angela Treichel, AJT Legal

testimonial AJT Legal


“We love our branded mobile app, it’s a great extension of our brand and the ultimate competitive advantage. We have seen a substantial decrease in inbound calls from clients and referring partners since we’ve had the app, which is great. More importantly, we have won clients over because of the app! Our clients can easily log in, track their matter status, view important documents and chat with us anytime. We have a big referral network and the fact that they can access all their referred matters in one place is really helpful. Our app helps us provide a streamlined service to our clients and work seamlessly with our referrers, we couldn’t ask for more.”

Alicia Floyer, Next Legal & Conveyancing


“In 2019, who knew anything about Zoom? Now everyone is an expert. Our app allows communication to happen immediately without any phone tag involved. As soon as we complete a step in the conveyancing process, we send an update from our system which in turn sends a notification to a client’s phone and email. Real Estate agents and the lender, if there is one involved, have access to our app and can receive similar updates if they wish…”

Justin Milligan, RM Legal & Conveyancing

"Perfect Portal gives us a system from quote to settlement. We can communicate with all parties on-the-go with the press of a button. I love the fact that your developers listen to the clients. Whenever I have a suggestion, it’s always considered and many times, implemented! Your products help us to be unique. We are the best communicators in the area thanks to Perfect Portal!"

Justin Milligan, RM Legal and Conveyancing


“I’ve been using Perfect Portal for over 3 years and I can’t imagine operating my business without it. The software allows me to track the progress of all quotes and as soon as I sign in, I see an overview of how my firm is performing on the dashboard.  I also love being able to update clients, their real estate agent and broker or lender with their matter status with just the click of one button.  Recently Perfect Portal designed and helped launch my own app that my clients can use to track the progress of their matter which is great!”

Karen Cooper, Conveyancing By Karen

"I recommend Perfect Portal to businesses looking to get a real competitive edge. It gives you an opportunity to provide really customer-centric based experiences that will really instill trust from your clients."

Peta Stewart, Winner AIC NSW Presidents Award 2018


“Our time spent on sending quotes, answering phone calls and chasing clients for business has dropped significantly since we have started using Perfect Portal. Everything is in one place and very user friendly. Our clients love receiving the updates via the App, especially the moving truck.”

Grace Fong, GKN Law Firm


“Perfect Portal is a great and easy platform for you to generate quotes and convert them into matters, all the while saving time with quick and easy client updates and communications. David and his team at Perfect Portal are always working to ensure that we get the most from the platform. No other Legal service platform has offered the same high level of after-sales service!”

Hazel Todd, Hazel Legal


“Perfect Portal is a platform our business could not do without… Our staff love it… Our clients love it!…Perfect!”.

Bradley Wilde, Access Legal


“Since getting Perfect Portal, we doubled the number of quotes we are generating and tripled our conversion rate.”

Vicki Vincent, KCH Lawyers



“Perfect Portal has changed the way we operate as a business. It has improved workflow and increased efficiency. We have more time!”

Sharyn Barr, Savvy Law

6 reasons to use Perfect Portal


Our dedicated client relationship managers will ensure you are set up quickly, with all your fee scales, branding and service information in Perfect Portal so you can begin quoting and communicating with your clients immediately.


Generate and send fully branded private, referred or online quotes on all matter types within seconds, with fee scales, quote questions and branded email templates stored for easy pre-population.


Give potential clients the right information the first time, every time. You can ensure the details you provide are reliable with our unique integration that draws prices from third parties for accurate quoting for conveyancing.


With consumers demanding efficiency, our Key Stages allow you to update all parties involved with personalised messages in one simple click, saving you time, improving your service levels and enhancing your customer experience.


Enhance your customer experience and streamline the journey with fully branded digital communication and branded mobile app for your firm. The app and online platform is secure and can be used by your staff, clients, referrers and other parties involved in a transaction.


Data-driven decisions ensure positive business growth. Utilise the dynamic reporting suite, smart dashboard, and control centre to view business intel on your pipeline, staff
performance, ROI analysis and activity per lead and matter to improve new business efficiencies.

Did you know?

Perfect Portal clients convert an average of 70% of their leads into clients.