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We help you move from a paper-based to digital environment so your client facing technology can speed up the process of onboarding. Our industry enriching technologies significantly reduce time it takes for clients, helping your firm save money and maintain an edge in today’s competitive market while still being able provide seamless experiences at every turn!
Our market-leading technology speeds up the process of compliance and enhances digital security whilst minimising internal pressures otherwise facing legal providers.
Fully Branded Mobile App
Personalised Matter Updates
Chat & Document Share
Client Reviews
Verification of Identity (VOI)
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Reduce workload pressures and speed up client onboarding while providing users with a straightforward journey that is easy, intuitive and convenient - all within one secure platform.

Smooth Experience

Take the hassle out of identity verification and provide your clients with a user-frienly, paper-free method to easily verify their identity from the comfort of their own home.

Secure Technology

Using cutting-edge identification technologies, and multistage two-factor authentication, your clients can have peace of mind knowing that their documents are safe and secure.
Our revolutionary, user-friendly digital identity verification solution provides an easy and convenient way to complete all verifiable actions remotely, without ever having paper in sight.
Time-saving - Get the full Verification of Identity (VOI) report back within minutes and synced directly from Perfect Portal to your Practice Management System (PMS).
Flexible - Complete your VOI to the same standard every time whether in person, remotely or via a trusted agent.
User-friendly - The in-built InfoTrackID icon within your PMS allows for easy access to the secure VOI platform.
“Prior to using digital processes to verify our clients, relying on physical documents and face-to-face interactions would take days if not weeks to ensure the client’s identity has been approved. Thanks to InfoTrackID via our app, this process now takes a few hours, and it has allowed the staff at RM Property Conveyancing to work on a higher concentration of matters simultaneously.”
Justin Milligan
Director at RM Property Conveyancing
Save time, enhance user experience and keep all parties updated with unique personalised key stage updates.

Each party involved in the matter is sent an immediate push notification with a personalised message once a key stage is triggered by your fee earner or from workflows within your practice management system.
Simplify communication processes between clients and allocated employees at your law firm with the in-app chat facility. Save time by reducing the volume of calls and emails.


Have quick one-on-one chats with anyone involved with the matter or create group chats between different parties. Flexible settings allow you to stay in control of the conversation.

Document Share

Securely send important documents to all parties involved in the matter. Export chat and documents straight into your case management system to assist with compliance procedures.
Make it easier for your clients to leave a review upon completion of their matter. Clients' will be prompted to leave their feedback directly via the app. The reviews can be automatically added to your website with our Review Widget to further enhance your firm’s profile and brand awareness.
Within your own branded app, your clients can easily access information about about the other services you offer and make an enquiry in a few taps. You can also link the 'Meet the Team' page on your website to add a personal touch and enhance your clients' journey.
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Companies with strong cross-channel marketing strategy see 89% of customers "return for more"
The more you connect your marketing efforts across channels, the better. When they are all in sync with one another and connected to a customer's journey - it generally leads them towards having an altogether positive experience.
Provide your clients with a secure and smooth journey from lead level through to the completion of their matter; ensuring their data, information, and documents are kept safe throughout.
Two-Factor Authentication - Add an extra layer of security
Biometric Verification - Allow easy access to the app with print or facial recognition
Protected - A secure environment to collect payments, and verify ID and funds
An intelligent digital channel
Streamline your client onboarding process with everything you need in one complete solution
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