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The smart way to work with your staff, clients, referrers and all parties involved in a transaction.

Automate your workflow, increase brand awareness and save time with your very own branded App & Portal.

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Your Brand, Your App + Portal

Communicate effectively with all parties throughout the transaction via your secure branded mobile app and online portal for your law firm. The app is fully customisable to your brand and is accessible by everyone involved in a transaction, with different interfaces for each contact type. Listed on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, your app gives you the ultimate competitive edge within the market and allows you to provide a greater brand experience.

Everyone Involved
Schedule separate personalised automatic updates on matter progress to all parties at the click of a button. Send the updates via Perfect Portal as standalone or using your practice management system through software integration.

Your Staff   |   Your Clients   |   Your Referrers   |   Other Parties

App + Portal for your Staff

Allow your staff to access your firm’s branded portal and mobile app at any time, anywhere, and on any device.

  • Templates within your system for all matter types so your staff can respond to enquiries instantly from any device
  • Partners and department heads can view all the analytics on the mobile app to know what’s happening with each matter
  • Visit our technology page to learn more about the features that can benefit your firm

App + Portal for your Clients

Proactively communicate throughout the transaction and exceed your clients’ expectations.

  • Update clients on matter progress at the click of a button
  • Securely send and receive documents and chat with your clients
  • Give your clients access to the matter details, all in one place
  • Collect client ratings and reviews directly from the app

App + Portal for your Referrers

Grow your referral network to maximise your reach. A mobile app and online portal that makes it easier for your referrers to send leads or even generate branded quotes on your behalf.

  • Enable different features and allocate different fee scales per referrer relationship
  • Receive referred leads, detailed leads or quotes directly into your firm’s portal
  • Update your referrers on the matter progress
  • Referrers can access all matter details, reminders, activity and can send you a quick message

App + Portal for Other Parties

A mobile app and online portal to keep everyone in the loop throughout the transaction.

  • Update all authorised parties on the matter progress
  • Easily send and receive messages
  • Parties can keep track of all shared matters with your firm

Did you know?

Communicating with everyone involved in a transaction in a digital method can speed up end-to-end transaction significantly, saving your firm time and money.

Let us show you how we can change the way you work.

Perfect Portal is committed to helping law firms deliver the best customer experience  possible, win more work and grow their business.

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