March 11, 2019

Proactive and Collaborative Lawyering

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Perfect Portal
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It is fair to say that the legal industry is only just starting to understand the need to operate as a business rather than relying on reputation alone. As such, the profession has been slower than other industries to take advantage of technology that aids growth.

More recently, law firms have seen a wave in disruptive legal technology and are starting to invest heavily to increase efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

Those firms who are seeing success are utilising innovative products that speed up the overall transaction by using automation in work-flows, all to benefit the firm and their clients. For example, research outlines the importance of transparency throughout the process and clients being able to self-serve updates and monitor case progress through an online platform. Perfect Portal offers an innovative digital solution for law firms to increase business growth by maximising every opportunity and increases efficiency throughout the transaction.

Ultimately, the firms who will thrive in the future are the ones who employ the right technology, take advantage of every opportunity and proactively act on client needs by moving into an online approach that provides their clients with a better experience. The conveyancing industry has been slowing down over the years, so it is more important than ever before for firms to be more proactive and function as a business to be successful in today’s competitive market.

The firms who will thrive in the future are the ones who are proactive and collaborative in their approach to technology, moving from traditional ways of providing legal services. The future of legal innovation will include more online services, faster completions by using automation in work-flows and providing clients’ access to self-serving platforms. In turn, enabling the clients to receive regular updates and monitor case progress at any time to provide transparency on timelines and fees.

This is a prime opportunity for firms to evaluate their business and implement strategies that will help them remain relevant and grow in the evolutionary technology forward era.