November 21, 2020

Why You Must Have a Brand Awareness Strategy!

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When you’re using the vacuum cleaner, you say you’re hoovering. When you have a pressing question, do you look it up online or do you Google it? What about leaving a note, do you leave a Post-it?

These brands have literally embedded themselves into people’s vocabulary, thoughts and purchase habits, they have become so well-known, they’ve replaced the generic terms of the product they sell. This is what brand awareness can do and the reason why it’s considered a must-have within the strategy of every successful business.

What is Brand Awareness?

The concept of brand awareness may seem a little intangible as it doesn’t result in definitive numbers or obvious statistics; but its goal is to answer this simple question: “How aware is my target market of my brand?”

Simply put, brand awareness represents how familiar and receptive your target audience is with your brand and how well they recognise it. The success of every company begins with people knowing about its existence. This is the reason why giants like Coca-Cola or McDonald’s are still spending millions on traditional advertisements, they do this not to drive direct sales, but to keep their target customers aware of and engaged with their brand.

Why is it so important?

Brand awareness is incredibly important for business success and the achievement of overall marketing goals. Here’s why.

    Trust & Loyalty

According to, 71% of consumers need to recognise a brand before they buy; they’re also most likely to come back to you. Customers need to be familiar with a brand in order to build trust and loyalty, and it will make a difference when it comes to conversions and sales.


Your brand’s value is determined by your clients’ experiences and their perception of your brand. Positive experiences equate to positive value; positive value equates to higher prices, higher stock price, business expansion, increased stakeholder confidence and a greater social impact.

How to improve brand awareness?

Although you may not become the new Coca-Cola, it doesn’t mean brand awareness isn’t important for you and that you can’t do a lot more to improve your brand recognition.

We are overexposed with advertising in our daily lives, which means it’s getting harder to draw customers attention. A good strategy will require reliability and consistency within your brand image, messages and taglines. It’s also important to create a unique selling proposition to stand out from the crowd. Give your brand a personality and start running simultaneous efforts through multiple promotion channels such as advertising, word of mouth, social media, blogs, sponsorships, events, etc.

Referral Programs, word of mouth, and social media are at the heart of good brand awareness strategies. A study from revealed that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family before advertising, 81% of consumers are influenced by friends’ social media posts and 70% check online reviews before considering a brand.

Brand Awareness is a powerful tool that can have a great impact on your business strategy, customers perception, and revenue. Developing some of these assets will get you a loyal clientele that can recognise you from your competitors, choose your services time and time again, and recommend your brand to their family and friends.

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