November 7, 2020

How Technology is Changing the Customer Experience

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Perfect Portal
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The fast pace and continuous evolution of technology is changing the way consumers interact with businesses and the type of customer service they expect to receive.

It has become increasingly more common for a web page to have a live chat function. Many businesses offer a 24hr online chat service to their clients so they can have problems fixed more efficiently. This type of instant communication between clients and provider is fast becoming the new norm with all the major companies now providing it as a feature. It makes the client feel more comfortable with a new product knowing that they can instantly have questions answered and in real time.

Similarly, in a world of instant gratification consumers now expect to be able to find quotes and price things themselves. Gone are the days of people calling the business to ask about products, now they turn to the internet to find the price of just about everything, from a pair of shoes, to a car, to even the price of a home loan. The same applies when it comes to searching for a conveyancer, potential clients want the ability to gain a quote instantly yet still expect this information to be displayed in a manner that conveys professionalism and most importantly…trust.

More recently even, emerging technologies are changing the way consumers expect to be able to track and monitor the arrival of a purchased good or service. When buying a $5 pizza customers can look at their phones and are able to not just see the stage of their purchase but once dispatched can pinpoint and track the car that is delivering it to them.

These new amazing technologies are fast becoming the norm and set a high standard that is expected regardless of the industry. To help conveyancers stay up to date with client’s standards Perfect Portal has come up with a unique software that meets consumers expectations.