September 23, 2021

Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs Its Own Client App

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Perfect Portal
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At the end of 2020, there were approximately 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that many business-savvy companies have jumped on the increasing demand for mobile apps. From promoting your brand to reaching a whole new world of customers, there is no limit to the benefits a client app can deliver to your business. 

The legal sector has taken a slower approach to adopting process-enhancing technology compared to other industries. But with technological developments growing year on year and with digital offerings now becoming expected by potential clients, there are even more reasons why your firm needs its own client app. 

Improved client experience 

Research has shown that online users prefer using mobile apps to visiting websites. Therefore, if your law firm does not have an app or user-friendly website and you are still only offering clients the option of printing and scanning documents, a digital overhaul of your processes is long overdue.

Having a branded app is a much easier way for clients to navigate through their legal matters while also helping them feel less overwhelmed by legalese. Remember that offering the best experience is how you can build strong and loyal client relationships.

Perfect Portal’s branded app provides direct access to some of the latest technologies in the industry, from digital verification of identity and funds, payment on account, and e-signatures. These features mean that you can wave goodbye to the printer and trips to the post office.

Increased brand awareness

While every good business knows the importance of brand awareness, a great business knows how integral a branded mobile app is to an effective campaign. Your own client app provides you with the opportunity to have a constant advertisement in your client’s pocket. Each time they go on their phone, which research tells us is on average 58 times a day, users will see your brand logo and be alerted to the services you provide. This increase in brand awareness makes users more likely to return to you for any future legal matters they may have. 

Similarly, having your client app provides you with additional access to a growing market via the Apple/Play stores where potential clients can find your app potentially leading to more instructions. 

Direct communication and engagement with your clients 

Due to technological advancements, users have come to expect answers to their questions instantaneously and by having an app for your firm you can provide direct communication with your clients at the click of a button. From document sharing to personalised matter updates via push notifications, Perfect Portal’s technology allows you to electronically communicate with your clients within one easy-to-use interface and offer them a seamless journey. 

Better client engagement 

A common problem that many law firms face is low compliance levels, and you may find that staff spend a considerable amount of time and money chasing up clients for their documentation. Having a client app reduces the workload pressures derived from low compliance as users can upload the necessary documentation straight from their mobile device. 

Having your firm’s client app also allows for the seamless collection of client reviews without directing users to a different website or platform. This means that your law firm can get the recognition it deserves, and utilising reviews may even help to increase conversions. 

In a technology-driven world, offering your own branded app via Perfect Portal could be the deciding factor between a potential client instructing your firm over one of your competitors. Therefore, if you want to stand out from the crowd and offer your clients the best service available, then you should expand your use of technology to benefit both your client experience and your law firm overall.