January 3, 2022

Utilising InfoTrackID via RM Property Conveyancing’s app to verify identity

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This case study focuses on a law firm’s adoption of Digital VOI: one of the latest and most sophisticated in-app systems available on the market.

RM Property Conveyancing, situated in the heart of Newcastle, New South Wales, comprise a close-knit team of legal practitioners whom, collectively, share a vision for the adoption of seamless technological processes which serve to enhance day-to-day interactions and subsequent dealings with their clients.

Nicole Leiper, Paralegal at RM Property Conveyancing discussed how in adopting digital VOI, their firm has significantly reduced the time it takes to verify their clients from days/weeks to a matter of hours.

“Prior to using digital processes to verify our clients, relying on physical documents and face-to-face interactions would take days if not weeks to ensure the client’s identity has been approved. Thanks to InfoTrackID via our app, this process now takes a few hours, and it has allowed the staff at RM Property Conveyancing to work on a higher concentration of matters simultaneously.”

This case study will also uncover:

  • Developments in legal technology
  • Navigating the digital shift
  • The associated benefits of digital VOI
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